Verbal Tennis/言葉のテニス

Overview: Students say a word and their opponent answers it with the opposite word. Go back and forth, like a tennis game until someone makes a mistake.

Set up: Students play against each other individually or in pairs. It can be fun to pass a ball while you play.

目的: 反対語の練習と新たな言葉の練習。

準備: 各グループにつき一つ投げられる物《柔らかい物が良い》無くても可。

Verbal Tennis


  • One player serves by saying an adjective.
  • The opposing player has 5 (or however many) seconds to say the opposite adjective to catch the ball, and then they respond with another adjective.
  • Each adjective can be used once. If they don’t know the word or can’t think of one, the other team gets a point
  • Write unknown words on the board. With doubles, you have two people to think of the word.
  • Make it more competitive with the winners facing each other.

Competition Version:

  • Make two teams and have each put a player or two forth to the front of the room.
  • Keep the winning person or pair there and get the losing team to put forth their next player or players.

Language Variations:

  • Use simple present vs past tense verbs (eat-ate, steal-stole) or an adjective vs an example (hot-sun, green-grass).
  • You can also use days of the week and get the students to say the next or previous day.
  • Practice numbers by getting students to go back and forth saying increasing multiples of a number.
  • Practice phrasal verbs by finishing each other’s phrases (get-on, wake-up, fall-down)


  • 一人か二人一組 のチームで行う。サーブとして一人が形容詞を言う
  • 相手はその反対語を5秒以内に言い、その後すぐに次の形容詞を言う。
  • 反対語を知らないか、新しい形容詞を考えられなかった人が負けとなる
  • ダブルスの場合、二人で力を合わせて言葉を考える。

言語変化系: 形容詞だけではなく、現在形と過去形の動詞のセットでも行える。又は形容詞と名詞のセットに置き換えることも可能。例えば(hot-sun, green-grass)。


行動変化系: クラスを半分に分けてチームを作る。それぞれのチームから一人、又は二人が前に出てこのゲームを行う。ゲームに勝った方のチームが1ポイント獲得することができ、負けた方のチームは選手交代。この方法だと教師はより生徒のミスをチェックしやすい。


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