What do you have in Common? /何が共通?

Goals: Getting to know each other while practising questions, vocab and listening

Preparation: Nothing, but you can make a simple worksheet by hand or on the computer.



What do you have in common?

  • Either make a worksheet on the computer like the one below, or just get the students to just write sentences in their books.
  • First explain the meaning of ‘in common,’ then have students wander about and talk to each other.
  • They have to find four things they have in common with each student they talk to. For example, “We both ate pizza for breakfast.”
  • When they’ve found four things, they can move on to a different student. Encourage the students to find things they didn’t know before. 

Variations: You can guide the language they use depending on mix of nationalities and levels, and also direct them towards target language. For example, you could restrict the question to “Have you been to _________?” and get them to find four places that they’ve both been to.


  • 上のようなワークシートを作るか、生徒自身がノートに書いてもよい。
  •  先生は”In common”(共通)の意味を説明する。その後、生徒は教室を回って二人組のペアになる。
  • お互いに質問しあい共通点を探す。共通点が見つかったらそれを書く。例えば、”We both ate pizza for breakfast.” (二人とも朝ご飯にピザを食べた)と書く。
  • 出来るだけ以前知らなかった四つの共通点を見つけ紙に書く。四つ見つけたら、違う生徒と二人組を作って、繰り返す。



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