Speed Vocab / スピード単語

Goals: Practise increasing the words students can produce in a certain theme within a time limit.

Preparation: Nothing. Students just need something to write on.



Speed Vocab

Writing Version:

* Decide on a theme, such as adjectives, verbs, nouns, animals, food etc. When you start the timer, they will have one minute to write as many words as they can that fit the theme.

  • When the timer finishes, check their answers individually or get them to swap papers with someone and mark each other’s mistakes. You can also check this as a class by collecting all the student’s words on the blackboard.
  •  Have the students count their total words written and their total number of correct words.
  •  Repeat the activity in the next class to see if they have increased their number of correct words.

Speaking version: 

  •  You can also do a speaking version where the students are in pairs.
  •  One student will say words in a particular theme, while the other student counts the correct ones.
  •  If you want to stick with the same theme, you can get the students to change partners and swap roles. If you want them to practice a different theme, they can stay with the same partner and swap roles with a different theme.
  •  You can expand the activity by making it into a tournament where the person who says the most words in the pair moves up to the next round.

 Variation: You can make up your own combinations of writing, listening and speaking. One student could say the words to their partner, who will only write down those words. After one minute, they can check the answers together. This could also be done from across the room to practice using a bigger voice.




  •  テーマを決める。(形容詞・動詞・名詞・動物・食べ物など。)
  •  開始の合図と共に生徒は一分間で出来るだけ沢山テーマに合わせた英単語を書く。
  •   一分間が終了すると、隣の人と紙を交換し答え合わせをする。生徒は書いた単語の総数と正解した単語の総数を数える。
  •  数日空けてまた同じゲームを行い、書ける単語数が増えたかチェックする。


  •  3人以上のチームになって、英単語をを言う練習をする。
  •  一人はテーマにそった英単語をを言い、その他の生徒は正しいと思う単語を数える。
  •  一分間の終了と共にチームで答え合わせをする。これを順番に繰り返す。
  •  そのグループで一番多くの単語を言えた人が代表となりトーナメント戦の様な形で行うこともできる。



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