Fruit Salad / フルーツサラダ

Goals: Drill vocab, practice listening and make sentences on the spot

Preparation: Chairs



Fruit Salad

  • The most basic version of this game involves the teacher assigning each student one of three or four fruits. They point to each student and say apple, banana, orange, peach until every student has a fruit.
  • The person in the middle says one of the fruits and all of the people who were given that fruit must change seats, while the person in the middle will also try to sit down.
  • As there is one less chair than participant, there will either be a new person in the middle or if the original person cannot sit down in time, they will stay in the middle.
  • A different fruit is said and the game continues.
  •  If the person in the middle says “fruit salad”, everyone sitting must change seats.


  • You can change the fruits or use different words depending on the theme for the lesson. For example, animals, items of clothes, days of the week etc.
  • For higher level students, you can do it without allocating words, and instead use sentences, such as:

– Everyone who has been to Tokyo

– Everyone who is wearing black shoes

– Everyone who likes soccer

– Everyone who drank coffee this morning

– Everyone who has black hair


  • It can be good to have a rule that students cannot move to the seats directly next to them.
  • Another idea is that if the same person is in the middle 3 times, they have to do a dance or sing a song or something.image-822


  • 先生は生徒に四種類の果物の名前を付ける。例えば、バナナ、リンゴ、オレンジ、桃など。
  • 生徒の人数より一つ少ない椅子で円を作り、真ん中に一人が立つ。真ん中の生徒が果物の名前を言ったら、その果物の人は椅子を変える。
  • 真ん中の人はそのタイミングで椅子に座る。
  • 椅子に座れなかった人はまた円の中心に立ち、果物の名前を言う。これを繰り返す。
  • 立っている生徒が『フルーツサラダ』と言ったら、全員が席を変える。


  • 果物意外のテーマ。例えば、動物、曜日、服の名前等。
  • 更に応用を加える場合、単語ではなく文章にする。









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