Do you want to hang out with? /遊ぼう?

Goals: Practice a scripted conversation based around inviting someone to something

Preparation: Five small blank squares of paper for every student



Do you want to hang out?

  • Give each student five blank cards or small squares of paper.
  • On each paper they will write a name and either rock, paper or scissors. They can also draw a picture of the person if they want. The names can be famous people or anyone.
  • Write a scripted conversation on the board that includes words or phrases you want them to practice. Something like the conversation below, but you can make it as easy or as difficult as you want:

A: Hey, how’s it going?

B: Not bad. I’m going to hang out with _________________ after school. Do you want to come, too?

A: Sounds good. Is it okay if I invite ___________________, too?

B: Sure thing. The more the merrier.

(This can be a good way of introducing contractions, such as ‘gonna’ and ‘wanna’.

  • Students walk around running through the conversation. When they say the name, they chose one of their cards and put it on the desk face down.
  • Once they finish the conversation, they flip the cards to see who wins. Scissors beat paper, paper beats rock and rock beats scissors.
  • The winner gets the other players card. They now have a new friend in their hand.
  • If it’s the same, they can go through it again or the stakes can be upped and they continue adding friends to the pile until a winner emerges.


  • Get them organise a meeting with their two friends using whatever language they already know.




  • 生徒全員に5枚の紙かカードを渡す。
  • 生徒は全部の紙に誰かの名前(有名人やクラスメイトなど)とrock、paper、又は scissorsを書く。絵を加えてもいいし、これを教師が用意してもよい。
  • 練習したい単語や文法が入っている会話を黒板で書く。


A: やあ、元気?

B: 元気やで。放課後_____と遊ぶんやけど。あなたも来る?

A: いいね。____も誘って良い?

B: もちろん。人数が多い方が楽しくなるからね。

  • 生徒は歩き回って、会話を練習。名前を言う時に、カードの表面を下に向け、机に置く。
  • 会話が終わったらカードをひっくり返して、じゃんけんで勝った人はカードを貰い、手持ちの友達のカードが増える。Scissorsはpaperに勝つ、paperはrockに勝つ、rockはscissorsに勝つ。
  • あいこならもう一回。勝った人がカードを全部貰う。


  • すでに知っている言葉だけを使って、自由に誘い方を考える。



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