Quick Line Up / ラインアップ

Goals: Warm up activity to make teams while asking each other questions.

Preparation: Nothing



Quick Line Up 

  • Get the students to line up in a specific order. They’ll need to ask each other questions to find out who’s at the front and who’s at the back.
  • For example if they are lining up in order of birthdays, they have to ask each other when their birthday is.
  • You can then use this line to make teams or groups for the next activity by numbering them off or just putting the front people into one team and the back people into another team.

Ideas for line order:

      Next birthday from the day or birthday order from January to December

      Shoe size


      Hand size. Just get them to practice asking to compare hands.

      Chosen number. Get them to note any number before the activity, then get the student to ask each other what number they wrote. Line up in order of lowest to highest.

      First or last name alphabetical order.

      Give each student a letter of a word. Line up to spell the word. Tell them the word beforehand or make them guess it.

      Give each student a national identity. Line up in the alphabetical order of the country’s name or the distance of that country from the class.

– Lowest to highest cellphone number.

Quick Line Up -2


  • 一つのテーマに基づき、生徒達は話し合いをしながら正しい順番にならぶ。(例えば身長の低い順に列を作るなら、生徒達は互いに質問し合ったり、背比べをしたりしながら列を作る。)
  • この列を作って次のアクティビティーを行ったり、クラスの席替えを行ったりできる。アクティビティーの際クラスがいつも偏ったグループになりがちなら、この列を使って新しいグループも作ることができる。






      決まった数字(ゲームの前に生徒は一つ数字をメモする。どんな数字でもOK。始まったら、”What number did you write?”と聞いて、小さい数字から大きい数字の順番で並ぶ。)




– 携帯電話番号(小さい数字から大き数字まで。)


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