ABC Directions / ABC案内

Goals: Practice directions, warm up, order of alphabet

Preparation: Quickly draw up a worksheet or have the students write one with ‘Start’ at the bottom, ‘Finish’ at the top and then either ascending numbers or letters randomly spread out in the middle. Make a copy for each student if they are not making their own.



  • Start off by drawing a simple version of the worksheet on the board. Explain that you are blind and get them to guide you from the start, through the letters in order to the finish. Close your eyes and follow their directions.
  • Hand out the papers. In pairs, one student will close their eyes and the other will guide them through the course. Encourage them to use phrases, such as “keep going”, “go left a little”, “a little more” etc.


  • You can use up/down/left/right/stop/straight etc or you can have the students practice north/south/east/west.
  • You can also get students to make their own worksheets.
  • If you want to up the level a bit, write a list of places on the board, use those places instead of the alphabet and tell them they have to direct the student to those places in a specific order. For example: park, supermarket, clothes shop etc.

ABC Directions


  • 最初にシンプルなバージョンを黒板に書く。
  •  先生は「目が見えない(I’m blind)ので、‘Start’から‘Finish’までアルファベット順に道案内して欲しい。」と説明する。先生は目を閉じ、生徒は声を出して、先生のペンを案内する。
  • 次に生徒は二人組になって、一人は目を閉じて、もう一人は‘Start’から‘Finish’までアルファベット順に案内する。ゲームの前に“Keep going”, “go left a little”, “a little more” などのフレイズを教えておくとよりスムーズにゲームが進む。


  • Up/down/left/right/stop/straight や、north/south/east/westを練習する事も可能。生徒は自分でプリントを作る事も簡単に出来る。

2 thoughts on “ABC Directions / ABC案内

    1. Hi there! I’m really happy to hear it helped. I’ve used this game online and in class with a bunch of different levels. Let me know how you find it. I’m always interested to hear how other teachers find the activities. Cheers!


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