I Guess You have Five/5つ持っているだろう

Goals: Practice a set phrase and some low level numbers

Preparation: Nothing



* The game looks a little like paper/scissors/rock. Students make pairs and use the ‘janken’ rhythm to say the set phrase. “I guess you have __0-5__.”

* While they say the number they have to extend 0-5 fingers. If they correctly guess the number of fingers their partner puts out, they win the round.

* The winners face each other and you can have a tournament or you can have chips that the loser gives to the winner to make it competitive.


* You can use different phrases, such as “I think you have__” or whatever suits the rhythm.


*じゃんけんの要領で、指を出し、相手が何本の指を出すか検討する。“I guess you have __0-5__.” とじゃんけんのリズムで言う。

* 数を言いながら、0から5の指を出す。相手の出す指と同じ数を言ったら、勝つ。

* 勝った人は他の勝った人と戦って、大会をするか、負けた人はポカーチップみたいな物を勝った人に渡す。


* “I guess you have __0-5__.” でなくても、I think you have ____ など、フレーズをアレンジしてもよい。


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