Just a Minute / 一分ちょうだい

Goals: Practice talking about a topic for a minute

Preparation: nothing, you can get them to pass an object around if you want though



  • Write a few categories on the board with a circle around each. Could be something like: Education, jobs, hobbies, your country, Canada, music, animals etc.
  • Students are in groups of 3-5. One student throws some screwed up paper at the board, then they have to talk about that subject for 1 minute. They can’t stop and just have to keep talking to their group.


  • You can encourage students to ask prompting questions if the student gets stuck. You can also change the size of the group, length of speaking time and the different categories.
  • If you number the topics 1-6, the students can roll dice instead.
  • To make it more challenging you can have the students throw twice and then talk about the two topics simultaneously. It could be comparing them or finding a way to talk about both topics. For example,”sports” at “school”.

one minute


  • 黒板を割って、いくつかのテーマを書く。例えば、教育、仕事、趣味、自分の国、音楽、政治などなど。
  • 生徒は3−5人のグループになって、一人はボールか何かの柔らかい物を黒板に投げる。当たったテーマについて一分間喋る。止まるのは禁止なので話続けなければならない。終わったら、次の生徒は同じことをする。


  • 話が続けられないなら、グループの仲間たちはなにかテーマに基づく質問をしてもよい。喋る時間、テーマ、グループのサイズを変化出来る。又、1−6の数字を黒板のテーマの所に書いて、サイコロを投げてテーマを決めることも出来る。

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