Only I Want To / 私だけがしたい

Preparation: Nothing

Goals: Encourage speaking to each other and asking questions



  • Students think of something that they want to do, then they ask the other students if they want to do it.
  • If they find someone that wants to do the same thing, they have to change their question.
  • When they are satisfied that they are the only person who wants to do something, they can sit down.


  • You can change the question style to whatever you want to study.
  • For example, “Only I have been to___”, “Only I have eaten___”, “Only I like_____” etc.




  • 生徒は自分のしたいことについて考えってから、他の生徒にそれをしたいか聞く。
  • もし他の生徒もそれをしたいなら、新しい質問を考えないと。
  • 自分だけがそれをしたいって分かったら、座ってもいい。


  • 質問の種類を勉強したいものに変える。
  • 例えば、『私だけは__に行った事ある。』『私だけは__を食べた事ある。』『私だけは__が好き』など。

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