Telephone Interview

Overview: Students call a student from another class on the phone to arrange an appointment or for an interview.
Set Up: Arrange time and logistics with another teacher, and have two available cellphones for calling.

  • A student uses the teacher’s cellphone to call the other teacher’s cellphone. A student in the other class picks up.
  • The conversation can be conducted in many different ways. For example, the student uses telephone etiquette to ask questions and get as much information from the person in a set amount of time.
  • This can be done as the main activity with students using lots of cellphones at the same time, or something that students do individually in the background while everyone is doing other work.
  • If they don’t know the students from the other class, it can be good to go there and meet each other as a follow up.


  • Students are given roles to perform. For example, booking a doctor’s appointment or making a complaint.
  • The students describe what they look like and then once everyone has talked to someone from the other class, they go there and try to find which student they talked to.
  • Many of the activities in this book can be done over the phone to add an additional challenge, so have a look through them and see what best suits your class. 

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