Simon Says

Overview: The teacher tells students to do a specific gesture, and the student do it.

Set up: Students stand up in the classroom and should have enough room to move.


  • Explain that Simon is the boss and you are Simon.
  • If you start a sentence with “Simon says” they must do the gesture. For example, if the teacher says “Simon says jump three times”, they jump three times.
  • If you don’t start it with “Simon says”, they don’t do the action. For example, if the teacher just says “Jump three times”, they do nothing.
  • If they get it wrong, they have to sit down. The last person standing is the winner.


  • You can use your own name, The teacher, The wizard or The boss instead of Simon.
  • Add a twist by having two characters. If a sentence starts with ‘Simon says’ they have to do it, but if the sentence starts with ‘The stranger says’ they have to do the opposite.
  • You can have friendly games where no one gets out.
  • You can also do a different gesture to the one you’re saying. For example, you can sit down while you say, “Simon says stand up.” They have to do what you say, and not what you do.
  • Practice modals by using phrases, such as “You shouldn’t stand up” or “You can’t breathe.”

Example Phrases:

  • Jump one time, clap two times, jump one time, clap two times.
  • Play guitar while jumping
  • You’re hungry
  • You’re a cat
  • Drink tea while playing tennis
  • Read a book while swimming
  • You have to brush your teeth

Classroom English Variation:

  • Practice classroom English by getting the students to answer in specific ways while they do the action. For example:

– Stand up (Students stand up and say “okay”.)

– Sit down (Students sit down and say “okay”.)

– Pardon (Students repeat the last thing they’ve said. If they just sat down, they would say “Okay” again.)

– Repeat after me (Students say, “Repeat after me”.)

– Make groups of 3 (Once they’ve made groups of that number, they say “We’ve finished”.)

– Be quiet (Students say nothing.)

– How do you spell_____? (Students say the spelling of the word.)

– Open your books to page 39 (Student open their books then say, “I’m ready.”)

Say Simons


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