I’m Having a Party

Goal: Practice inviting people to a party, while using the days of the week

Preparation: Piece of paper for each student. Can make a worksheet if you want.

  • Each student writes Monday to Sunday on their paper.
  • They then have to write three plans. One of the plans is the party they’re organising and the other two could be going to the gym, going to bed early, a guitar lesson or anything.
  • Students then walk around inviting each other to their parties. If student A asks student B to come to their party on Tuesday and student B is free, student A can write student B’s name on the list of people coming to their party and student B will add the party to their schedule.
  • If student B is not free then, they explain why they can’t come, but don’t write anything.
  • The winner is the person who has the most popular party.


– You can make the game longer by using two weeks or splitting each day up into morning and the evening.

– You can give them a scripted conversation or some key phrases to use when inviting people to their party.

– You can expand the game by allowing students to attempt to convince each other to change their plans.


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