Overview: The teacher reads a text while the students copy it down.

Set up: Students just need paper, while the teacher needs a text and preferably copies for the student or a projector.

  • The teacher reads a prepared text or a part of a book to the students and they copy it.
  • Include the grammatical marks and repeat parts of the text as needed.
  • Give the students a copy of the text afterwards and get them to fix their mistakes using a different colour pen.


I wake up at 7:00 and wash my face. After that, I have breakfast at around 7:15. I usually have coffee, eggs on toast and a glass of orange juice, then get dressed and put on my make up. I brush my teeth before I leave home at 8:00, and take the train to university. On the train I play games on my phone or take a nap because I live very far away. I arrive at university at about 10:15.

Long distance pair version:

  • Students have a text and dictate to each other across the room.
  • It’s noisy with half the students trying to dictate to the other half at the same time, but it’s a chance to encourage clarifying language and big voices.




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