Shopping in Class

Overview: Students practice buying and selling items.

Set up: Students are in groups of about 4. Each group will decide what kind of shop they’ll make and write a list of 5 items they have for sale and the price.

  • Once the shops are set up, half of the members of each group will look after the shop and the other half go shopping at the other shops.
  • The shops will make a list of the items they sold and the shoppers write down what they bought and the prices.
  • Allow buyer and sellers to negotiate deals, such as lower prices or two for one.
  • After you feel they’ve talked enough, get the buyers and sellers to swap places.


  • Tell the students the prices have to be between $1-100 and the shop that can make the most money wins.
  • It can be useful to give them a few set phrases to practice.




5 thoughts on “Shopping in Class

    1. Hi there! I would say that six is a good number because it means that you can have 3 groups, with 1 person tending the shop and another person out shopping. You could still do it with four, but it’s more fun with a few more people. Thanks for the comment and I hope it’s helpful! Cheers!

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  1. Fun idea! At my old school we had a little grocery store set up, always a good activity. (as an addition, you could also let you students earn “money” in class as prizes for good behavior to later “spend” at the store!)


    1. That’s a really good idea! I like the idea of combining it with other things. We have participation stamps at one school I work at, and I gave stamps to the teams that made the most money. Thank you very much for the comment! Hope the site is useful 🙂

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