Phrasal Verbs – Get and Go

Introducing phrasal verbs is a useful way of helping learners to gain a deeper understanding of how to use simple words, without having to memorise huge lists of difficult vocabulary. We use them so much in English, but it’s easy to forget the importance of these little phrases in favour of more advanced vocabulary. Below are a few examples of the flexibility of phrasal words. If you cannot think of all the ways these words on the spot, having a few examples on hand can be useful. Hope you find it handy. In the Take it Easy Teaching book there are some more examples, so do think about getting a copy that you can have you in class in case you want to quickly introduce some examples.


get across – communicate an idea

get along – be in good or friendly terms with somebody

get away – escape

get away with – escape a punishment without consequences

get by – cope, manage

get down to – focus on something, come to a place

get in – enter a vehicle by sliding in

get off – disembark a vehicle by sliding out

get on – enter a vehicle by foot

get out – disembark a vehicle or bed by foot

get over – recover from illness or a problem

get through – pass a challenge, be connected on the phone

get to – reach, arrive

get up – rise from bed after sleeping

get up to – do


go after – follow a criminal or someone suspicious

go after – try to achieve a dream

go against – compete, oppose

go ahead – start, proceed

go back – return to a place

go hard – work hard

go out – leave home to go on a social event

go out with someone – go on a date with someone

go over something – review

go over – visit someone’s house

go without something – lack, abstain


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