Two Potatoes

Overview: Students practise counting potatoes until the music stops. Person on top is out. This is a quick and fun activity for practicing numbers and making plural words.

Preparation: Music

  • Put the students into groups of around 5-8 and they stand in a circle.
  • Start the music and the first student will put their fist out and say “one potato”.
  • The next student puts their fist on top and says “two potatoes” and so on.
  • When you stop the music, the students who have their fist on the top are out.
  • Start the game again until you only have one student left.


  • You can get them to say a longer phrases, such as “I went to the supermarket and bought one potato.”
  • The students that are out from each team can form a group, so they have something to do.
  • Once the groups are down to 1-2 students, you can bring them together to find the class potato champion.

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