Making Shapes

Overview: In groups students use their bodies to make shapes

Preparation: Nothing

  • Put the students into groups of 2-5
  • Tell them to make a shape using their bodies. They have to include everyone in the group. Encourage them to use their armband legs.
  • Each group has to find a different way to make the shape or shapes.
  • When they’ve finished, they shout out ‘Finished!’ and the teacher checks it.
  • The first group gets 3 points, the second group gets 2 etc. You can also give points for the most creative shapes or just five points to the first team.
  • Alternatively, the last group or any group that can’t make a unique one within the time limit is out, and the game continues until there’s one team left.
  • Some examples are:

– Two diamonds

– 1 star

– 1 square and 3 circles

  • This activity can be a good time filler or even a team building activity, and it’s nice as it gets students out of their chairs.

For more ideas for easy teaching activities, check out the Take it Easy Teaching book.


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