Shopping in Class

Overview: Students practice buying and selling items.

Set up: Students are in groups of about 4. Each group will decide what kind of shop they’ll make and write a list of 5 items they have for sale and the price.

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I’m Having a Party

Goal: Practice inviting people to a party, while using the days of the week

Preparation: Piece of paper for each student. Can make a worksheet if you want.

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Can’t Say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ / 『イエス』と『ノウ』が言えない

Goals: Practice asking and answering questions with more complicated responses

Preparation: Five poker chips or anything to denote points for each student if you want to make it more competitive



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New Heart Waiting List / 新しい心臓ウェイティングリスト

Goals: Discussion and debate

Preparation: Either write the patient’s explanation on the board or make a simple handout



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